Alpaca Communications


We deliver creative PR, social, experiential and influencer campaigns.


We always start with an insight, an unspoken truth that will make people see your brand, product or catagory in a new way. We discover insights through intuition and evidence, through data and focus groups but sometimes just by watching television and being normal.

Armed with insight we create campaigns.

Campaigns that get you coverage, and coverage that grants you fame. Online, in the papers, on the TV and the wireless. We’ll put you where your audience’s attention is. And we know that for many brands backlinks are now more important than column inches.

Our insight led, award winning creative campaigns use emotion and humour to help you sell more.

  • PR strategy

  • Creative planning

  • Events (virtual and physical)

  • Media relations

  • News and issue hijacking

  • Media training

  • Message development

  • Ambassador programs

  • Corporate profiling

  • Crisis and Issues management


Great campaigns don’t just get coverage, they get shared on social. We believe every great idea has to be shareable, or it’s not a great idea. That’s why we create shareable social content – short-form video, infographics, images – all to increase brand awareness, engagement and SEO. And beyond big campaign moments we’ll help you get the right conversation strategies in place to engage and grow your fan base.

  • Social media strategy

  • Content strategy

  • Digital media strategy

  • Community management

  • Content creation [design & film]


We create experiences that your customers want to be a part of. And that they remember. Sometimes that means getting your samples out there in people’s hands, and sometimes it means putting a car in a box at the world’s busiest train station. We just want your audience to feel part of the story, not advertised ‘at’. We want you to give them an experience that earns you their engagement.

  • Product sampling and demonstrations

  • Live events

  • Pop-ups

  • Ideation and creation

  • Plans and strategies

  • Reporting


It doesn’t need to be debated, influencer marketing works and you should probably be doing it. It has the power to make people stop scrolling through their social feeds and enables your target audience to build relationships with your brand. When done right, its impact is readily measurable.

You can trust us to advise you when it comes to partnering with an influencer because we have no financial relationships with anyone, we have no skin in the game apart from helping you to sell more. We use data, insights and experience to help you to find the right partner, because we treat your money like it’s our own.

  • Influencer strategy

  • Ambassador programs

  • Influencer seeding

  • Reporting