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Viral creative PR campaign for a dog poo startup…



🏆 Low Budget Campaign of the Year [2017 PRMoment]

Client: StreetKleen

Campaign: Pugshots

StreetKleen wanted to launch PooPrints, a DNA testing kit for dog waste. PooPrints can trace dog waste back to the dogs that did it by checking their DNA. To bring this story to life we created wanted posters of what the naughty dogs would look like, based on their DNA ‘Pugshots’. We mocked up e-fits of dogs, and partnered with London's Barking & Dagenham Council, who agreed in principle to put up 'wanted' posters in parks and in the council's online newsletter, sent to 70,000 residents.  


Pugshots was a truly viral campaign. Our exclusive for The Times was featured on page three. The campaign featured in The Sun, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail Online. Everywhere. The Lorraine Show, The Wright Stuff, Irish National Television, BBC News, ITV News, Country File, US TV, Austrian TV. Twitter went into overdrive and it received thousands and thousands of shares on Facebook. The client's sales pipeline grew significantly, and their website received over 100,000 hits. 

Pugshots was showcased by PR Week and was awarded Low Budget Campaign of the Year at the PRMoment Awards.

“We were blown away by the creative campaign Alpaca delivered for us. The coverage was beyond our wildest expectations. Importantly it drove leads and funding and that's what matters.” 

Gary Downie | Managing Director