Alpaca Communications



We are. 

Alpaca is a creative PR agency. We use PR to help our clients find ingenious ways to earn the attention of their audience in the right place at the right time. 

We are hungry and curious. The relationships we have with our clients, really matter to us, because without them we can’t do the work that we want to do. 

We work for FTSE 100s, and start-ups. We work with brave brands and braver people to make what they want to happen, happen.

We do.  

We earn brands the attention of their audience. In a world of ad blockers and streaming services, a world where no one has to watch the adverts anymore, the importance of good PR, of earning the eyeballs of your audience rather than paying for it has never been more important. 

Our ideas are simple, and brilliant. We don’t do tactics without strategy. We want our work to make you feel something. To make you think or to make you smile.

We think. 

We make Alpacas here, not sheep. We believe in different. 

Different is memorable. Different jumps off the shelf, different splits open the defence, different makes you feel something, different gives you market share, different doesn’t want to ‘just fit in’, different gives you something to say, different can give you purpose, different doesn’t need to cost much, different is priceless, different says “try me, I’m not the same”, different sticks its neck out, different is diverse, different doesn’t need to discount, different gets the boys to the yard, different doesn’t need to shout, different challenges you, different changes things, different makes things. Be different.