Alpaca Communications



When you’re choosing a PR agency the best place to start is with the work.

Start there

But then you probably want to learn more about the people behind the work, what their story is. When we started three years ago, our first client was a man that needed PR on a house extension his neighbours didn’t like. 

Now we provide ideation (that means we come up with ideas) for FTSE 100 companies. This means we’re different. Because we’ve had to earn it. We’ve learned to do what works not just what’s cool. 

We’ve had to stick our neck out. 

It’s our work that got us here. 

It’s our work that’s won us awards and got us into big boardrooms.

Not connections. 

It’s the award-winning work we did on small budgets that has meant that we now do award winning work on bigger budgets. 

We are both strategic and creative, because we enjoy both. 

We deliver full press office support whilst also helping you get a lot of coverage when you launch a new product or have a big event. 

You can measure our work in coverage, backlinks and sales. 

Look forward to meeting you soon.