Award winning political and media engagement for the The Thames Bike Bridge.


Devise and run a campaign to secure the delivery of the bridge and ensure that Sustrans is synonymous with it. 


The “Bridge the Gap” campaign was created. Bridging the gap between the commute people have and the one they need. Target media were hit with key messages, influencers on social media were harnessed, content was created (e.g we got each Mayoral candidate to join in a cycling Q&A) and candidates were lobbied. #bridgethegap took off.


Cross-party London mayoral election manifesto commitment. Great national broadsheet and broadcast coverage. When the bridge got mentioned - so did Sustrans. We're really pleased to say that Sadiq Khan has committed to delivering the brdige by 2020. Alpaca's work was recognised at the Public Affairs Awards 2016 where we were awarded Planning Campaign of the Year

“Alpaca's strategic campaign advice, political nouse and media relations delivery had a significant impact on the success of this project. From political engagement advice, to content creation and even coming up with the “Bridge the Gap” campaign name - they made a big difference by bringing our technical work to life.” Matt Winfield | London Director, Sustrans

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