Reputation management during political change.


Alpaca were instructed to advise Heathrow on how to tailor their messaging to have an impact on the new Prime Minister, and to provide accompanying research on her, and her inner circle. As part of this process we were asked to carry out a range of workshops for the external affairs team providing insight into her character. 


Alpaca delivered a series of workshops and preapred briefing documents for the team, drafting messaging and co-authoring campaign materials. 


The messaging workshops and character research were welcomed by the team and influenced correspondence with number 10 and the campaign more widely. In November 2016, Theresa May's Government approved expansion at Heathrow Airport. 

“Alpaca played a welcome role in the final moments of our expansion campaign. Their insight into Theresa May and her inner circle was useful at a challenging moment for the campaign.” Nigel Milton | Communications Director 

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