Launching London's first 24/7 food and alcohol delivery service


The brief was straight forward. Alpaca were instructed to devise a creative PR campaign to secure widespread media coverage and attention for this innovative tech start-up. Success would look like high profile coverage and an increase in orders on their digital platform.


Alpaca thinks corner shops are cooler than most people give them credit for. And we knew they would photograph great. On another level we knew that local convenience stores had been trapped in a silent battle, as major supermarkets try to force them out of business. Alpaca also knew that with the support of Alchemy Wings London's first 24/7 on-demand food and drinks delivery service, that could all change. We could tell that story visually and get the word out to Londoners that they should be using Alchemy Wings. 


An exclusive for The Times. Our campaign was also featured in a host of follow up media; The Evening Standard, The Metro and wider London press as well as a range of retail trade publications. Together with Time Out London we produced a feature video shared across all their social media channels over Christmas and New Year's Eve.

“We're really happy with the creative campaign Alpaca is delivering for us. The level of support has been superb and the coverage to date has been more than we could have hoped for. It's driving traffic and funding - it's doing exactly what we need.” Sam Martin | Founder

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