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We’ve been shortlisted for Small Agency of the Year

We've been shortlisted for Small Agency of the Year

We’re buzzing to announce we’ve been nominated for Small Agency of the Year, for this year’s PRCA Dare Awards. Alpaca cannot wait for the award ceremony, where we will be going full guns for a good time, which will be a moment for us to reflect on what has been another mega year (and to let our hair down). We would like to thank all of our partners and clients who have been integral to our campaigns, ideas and events. We are really proud to receive this recognition from the PRCA. Roll on July.

Sam Batey, Account Executive, Alpaca Communications

“As a keen tennis player, getting nominated felt as satisfying as serving an Ace. To serve an Ace a lot needs to come together at the right moment. It’s always great to get a nod from a fellow player as you perfectly hit the most important shot in the game. This is a metaphor for how we feel today. Thank goodness we didn’t include this analogy in our award application”




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