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Featured in PR Week: Our response to Uber licence

Featured in PR Week: Our response to Uber licence

Alpaca featured in PR Week's recent coverage on industry reactions to the news that Transport for London (TfL) will not renew Uber's private hire licence after 30 September.

The original article as it appeared in PR Week can be found here.

Peter Elms, director, Alpaca Communications

"TfL’s announcement has just put Uber in its PR comfort zone. Since its inception Uber has really only been in reactive PR mode, fighting law suits and regulatory battles everywhere it goes. This is what they’re good at.

"Uber’s initial response to the announcement is telling - it’s going to make this a battle about the type of London we want, and play on Brexit themes. They’re going to make this decision feel like Brexit, which works in pro-'Remain' London. TfL’s comms team is going to be kept very busy."




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