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How to make sure everyone knows about your funding

How to make sure everyone knows about your funding


You’ve raised some money and you want people to know about it. Your investors want people to know they’ve invested in you, and the whole team want their moment in the sun.

And you want a link to email your Mum.

To do that you’ve got to tell a journalist. You might use a press release, you might not if you think they are dead, but whatever the format you’re going to need to get your messaging right.

Here’s our advice on how to do that.

Be a basic pitch.  

Start with your purpose: to inform your audience of your recent funding success. Begin with the basics, the 5Ws: Who? What? When? Where? Why? This is simple. Who invested? What did they invest in? Give an overview of the business’ direction past, present and future. When did they invest? Where do they and you operate? Why did they invest? What will you use the money for?  Show your competitive positioning and advantage, back this up with data and provide a clear growth plan as to what exactly the investment will be used for.

The tone here is important. Be humble. Be grateful. Give thanks. Or do you and do the complete opposite. Just remember that the coverage will be their long after your business is.

Getting the tone right may increase the likelihood of future funding and form a sustained relationship with your audience. We like NewsWhip’s tone last month, who announced Series A funding success. The tone is grateful and optimistic about the future, creates a sense of community and gives thanks to key people i.e. stakeholders, collaborators and users. Play nice.

Think about all the people that hold your stakes.

Include who the investors are in your announcement, they’re probably more newsworthy than you. However, it is worth keeping an eye on whether certain investors will want their names in the press and to alter details accordingly. So make sure you tell them what you’re doing. Do not surprise the money men.

It’s more than just a funding ting.  

In a young, growing company this is likely to be one of the very few moments you will be newsworthy. Leverage it.

What else do you want to talk about? Who are you aiming this message at? If you’re smart you can reach out to audiences beyond the ones in Tech Crunch – your target consumer.

What else do you want to say apart from the fact that you got funding? Product much?

Be ready

Make sure your branding, website and social media channels are all ready to be looked at. You will receive increased traffic to your website so you should be prepared. If you are not, it is your loss. Build this online presence prior to your announcement. Tweet the living daylight out of your coverage. Spread the love. Make sure it is supported by your marketing strategy, and well placed in your content plan (you should have one of these). If you’re not ready, don’t announce the round. You’re in control of the timing. It’s still news whether it’s in March, April or May, right?

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